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Nearly $17,000 donated to the Janis Foligno Foundation in 2018-19

Nearly $17,000 donated to the Janis Foligno Foundation in 2018-19

Papa John’s Columbus is proud to announce a total donation of $16,960 to the Janis Foligno Foundation for the 2018-19 Columbus Blue Jackets season.  Money was raised during the 2018-19 season through three ways:

  • $500 for every goal scored by Nick Foligno
  • A portion of the proceeds from every sale of a “Foligno’s Favorite” pizza
  • $0.71 donated for each use of special promo code FOLIGNO71 during the Blue Jackets playoffs

This donation of nearly $17,000 pushes the historical total donations by Papa John’s Columbus to the Janis Foligno Foundation to over $65,000.

The Janis Foligno Foundation is devoted to fundraising for the fight against cancer, with efforts to invest the money they raise into research projects, treatment care, support efforts and innovative studies. The Foundation works closely with local organizations to ensure the funding is used to bring us closer to finding a cure.  The Foundation was started in 2009 by Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno and family after Nick’s mother, Janis, lost her battle with breast cancer.

To learn more about the Janis Foligno Foundation, visit their website here: Janis Foligno Foundation